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The name of Joe Collins is forever linked to Camp Hale and the Camp Hale Alumni Association. Mr. Joe served as Camp Director for 17 years. He then sponsored his annual appeal to CHAA members, which was very successful. (See the attached March 2000 Annual Appeal letter from Joe).

With the blessing of the Collins family we are pleased and very proud to send out the initial Joe Collins Memorial Annual Appeal. In keeping with Joe’s preference all funds donated in response to the Appeal will be used exclusively for Camp Hale needs – camperships, donation for Camp Hale to USES, funds to Camp Director, improvements to the Camp Hale facilities, support for the new girls program, etc.

The Annual Appeal period runs from October 2013 thru September 2014. Sending the Annual Appeal at this time of the year allows you to make a donation that will be a tax deduction for 2013. When you make a donation to the Annual Appeal, please be sure to make a note on your check payable to the Camp Hale Alumni Association and send to Tim Collins at the address below.

Consistent with Joe’s beliefs we want to make his Annual Appeal about more than just contributing money – we encourage each CHAA member to step up this year and make a commitment that works for you – money; work weekend; attend one or more of the CHAA fundraising events; solicit donations from family, friends, associates; make contact with potential sponsors and/or new donors. In short, please commit to do a little more than you usually do – all for Camp Hale and in memory of Mr. Joe.

We wish you and your families all the best for the upcoming holiday season, and thank you for your generous support for Camp.

Sincerely, Tim Collins, 23 Garneau Road, Bethlehem, NH 03574 (Co-Chairmen - Oscar Anthony & Chris Attles)

New CHAA website live -

This has been an exciting few months for CHAA as we have continued to build and finalize the development of our new website. Working closely with a professional website developer through Catchafire, we’ve made an important investment towards our fundraising efforts and online giving.

The new website will allow us to archive important information, organize our events and programs, and most importantly communicate all CHAA news and information efficiently throughout the year. It will also help us display our purpose and cause in a professional way to all those who visit the website.

Become a member of CHAA, or volunteer at an upcoming event!

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CHAA BOD President
Brent Hayes


Camp Hale Director
Jerrel Cox


Networking with CHAA
Aaron Dushku

  Karen Liberatore    
  First Girls session at Camp Hale    

As a volunteer organization, we are always looking for additional support as we continue in our mission to sustain Camp Hale!

If you would like to become a member of CHAA or would like to volunteer at one of our events, please contact Mark ElBach at

Also, a reminder that monthly CHAA Board of Directors meetings are held the first Monday of each month at the Harriet Tubman House (566 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA) from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. All are welcome to attend and learn more about CHAA and the important work done throughout the year.

~Mark ElBach -Secretary

Pizza Party

Our First Camp Hale Pizza Party was a great success.

It was held on April 12th at the South End House located at 48 Rutland St in the South End.

It was the collaboration between CHAA and USES that made it a big success.

This was a chance for campers and their families to turn in much needed paperwork for the upcoming camping season. It also gave many campers, parents, staff, and alumni a chance to meet and reconnect after a long winter.

Chief John must have been looking down on us because the weather couldn’t have been better. The sun was out and it was about 65 degrees. About 60-70 guests attended. They played games and socialized before a shared meal. They enjoyed pizza, chips, cookies, drinks, and a large salad made by Mr. Jerrell.

Twenty-five pizzas were donated by George Axiotis of New York Pizza. He believes in and supports Camp Hale. Thank you George for your support it is much appreciated.

This was a well needed party for all, and I say, “Mission Accomplished!!!” Thank you for joining us and for showing your support and love for Camp Hale. We plan on making this an annual event.

See you on Squam,

Tom Hayes - Vice President and Alumni Weekend Chairman

Pizza Party

2013 Girl's Session

The 2013 Camp Hale girl’s Session III was a huge success! This year, we were able to offer 5 additional camper slots and 2 additional Counselor in Training positions totaling of 40 campers and 5 teenagers who were able to experience the beauty of Squam Lake.

We also increased the length of our program from 5 days to 10 days, allowing us to increase the amount and variety of activities offered.

Our staff consisted of 10 counselors (2 returning) with Mr. Jerrell and Mr. Tyler there to support us as they did last year.

Throughout the ten-day experience, the girls were busy from the moment they woke up until the time they went to bed. Every girl had many opportunities to participate in one of the many pre-existing activities that Camp Hale’s has to offer including boating, swimming, archery, arts and crafts, team building activities, campfire activities and canoeing to Jumping Rock. This summer we also offered yoga, and improv/acting classes!

Our youngest girls (the Ducks and Beavers), as well as our middle aged girls (the Foxes and Turtles) participated in an overnight trip at the Adirondack and a trip to the Science Center for a day of fun and learning.

The Ducks and Beavers hiked Rattlesnake while the Foxes and Turtles hiked Big Red Up and over. Our oldest girls, the Chips and Bugs, hiked both Welch and Dickey and Squam Range and spent the night at Hoag Island.

We would like to take a moment to thank Eliza Dushku for her continued dedication to our program. “Ms. Eliza” joined us as a counselor this year for the entire 10 days. She was a natural in the camp community. She was a friend, lifeguard, swim instructor, yoga instructor, improv instructor and trip leader! The multiple hats that she was willing to wear and the enthusiasm that she brought to every activity helped make this year’s girls camp a memorable experience for all involved.

We would also like to thank the members of the Alumni Association for their continued support of all of our campers. Without your efforts, we would not be able to provide such high quality programming to our campers.

As we look towards next summer, please remember that in order to sustain girls’ camp, we need to raise enough money to cover programming costs, facility improvements, sponsorships for campers, and training for staff. We now have young men AND young women depending on us to carry on the Camp Hale traditions!

We look forward to seeing you all at one of our upcoming events and look forward to working with Eliza, and all of you, to create sustainable funding for the boys and girls camps next summer and for many years to come!

~Karen Liberatore -Girls Camp Director

Camp Hale 2013 Directors Message - Jerrell Cox

We have just completed our 113th year at Camp Hale on beautiful Squam Lake! We are very excited to say that we filled every bed and reached new heights with our programming in 2013. As you know, we created the Rookie Camp and Father Son weekend in 2011 as an alternative to our longer session.

Each additional program was designed to increase enrollment in our core program and provide an opportunity for parent involvement.

Rookie camp is a shortened 5 day session. We served 21 children this season. This program is designed to give the campers a sample of what to expect in the 3-week program. With the 1:1 ratio we use, this session for hands on training for the staff. The camp staff was able to use Rookie Camp to experience the day-to-day program and make necessary adjustments before the longer sessions. Our Rookie Camp program is thriving. This year children are completed Rookie Camp and immediately signed up for Session I.

Another one of our major accomplishments is the growth of Father Son weekend. In 2011 we served 18 total, in 2012 we served 19 total, and for the 2013 season we served 54 total participants! Camp was filled with South End and Alumni families. We were honored to have so many fathers and sons strengthening their bond at Camp Hale. Next year we are looking forward to seeing this program continue to grow.

Sessions I and II we went back to the traditions of the past. In Session I, every camper got their 6 peak award and the Bugs also got their Big 5 award. In Session II, every camper got his 6 peak and Big 5 awards. Our goal was to take advantage of the surrounding White Mountains. We want every young person to experience what many of you did years ago. The boys met the challenge and were pushed to reach their potential everyday. We are proud of our model and can confidently say that we are changing lives. Lifelong friends were made and traditions were renewed.

~Jerrell Cox -Boys Camp Director

Camp Hale Alumni Association 2014 President's Message -
Brent Hayes

Dear fellow Alumni and Friends,

Finally the winter has come to an end.

As we head into the coming Camping season I would like to point out some of the exciting things going on with CHAA.

Our "Spring Fling" party in May helps us reconnect with old and new members, our USES partners, Camper Families and many others. The funds raised at this event will help support Camper scholarships and Camp facility needs. Please spread the word and come support Camp Hale.

I am especially excited about the upcoming "Work weekend" in June.  Please make every effort to attend the weekend as we have many projects to complete. This year Camp Hale Staff and the Alumni association will work side by side to get camp ready for the season.

We at CHAA are very proud of the new Web site that our web/social media team has worked so hard developing.  We believe this new site will allow members and donors to easily navigate through the many activities going on with CHAA and to clearly see the hard work that our all volunteer board is doing to support the mission. Please check the site frequently for the latest news.

In closing, we are an all volunteer board with many moving parts that need active board members who are willing to step up and work hard to help grow the Alumni Association and support United South End Settlements-Camp Hale.

If you are interested, please contact me. We need the help.

My best to you all,

Brent Hayes - President

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

Aaron Dushku - "Networking with CHAA"

Halers, in this day and age of sparse career prospects, entrepreneurial job-hunters or savvy professionals need to use all tools at their disposal to promote their skills and get noticed by the right people. Often times a simple suggestion or comment to a hiring committee can come at the perfect time for a candidate to make magic happen. Also, in the absence of formal vacancy announcements, matches can be made based on good personal relationships built and open and ongoing dialog about our professional qualities. These are topics often left untouched around the council fire in August -and for good reason!

Furthermore, CHAA likes to espouse the positive effects that camp has had on its alumni, but hard data on the amount of success stories out there are hard to find. So, sharing your professional credentials with the CHAA network bring multiple benefits to our mission: it allows us to track the success stories of our alumni while also assisting each other to succeed in our lives after camp.

If you don't already have a profile on, create one and join the 'Camp Hale Alumni Association (CHAA)' Group. Here you'll get a look at what many are already seeing, the broad range of accomplished individuals that we are.

Opportunities are also here for our older alumni to mentor younger members that you might see growing in your field -great satisfaction can be derived from this as well.

Tap into this network and share in its benefits.

For those of you more interested in connecting socially to your Camp Hale family, CHAA has also established a FaceBook presence to which you are invited to join. Seek either or both opportunities out and stay connected throughout the year!
~ Aaron Dushku


CHAA Collaborates with Providence College

Alumnus Mark Elbach and a group of students raised money for CHAA around the Providence College campus and the City of Providence, RI.

The Events
St. Patrick’s Day week we sold beads throughout campus and the community to help fund our two bigger events. We also were able to get some great raffle prizes to raffle at our events. They included:

  • iPod,
  • Red Sox tickets,
  • autographed sports memorabilia,
  • gift certificates,
  • Providence College items.

Providence Place UNO’s Chicago Grill.
20% of all lunch and dinner bills were donated to CHAA on this date by anyone who turned in their CHAA / UNO’s slip with their meal.

RESULTS: $275 (percentage of bills) + $213 (raffle) = $488

Ladder 133 Bar and Grill
This event was similar to the Winter Party including a DJ, drink specials, and great atmosphere. A $5 cover charge was collected at the door, and all this money directly went towards benefiting CHAA. Red Bull and Narragansett Beer were also generous as they donated items and came to the event to help promotion.

RESULTS: $1,348 (raffle and cover charge)
Total Raised: $1,836.00

In Addition…..
We are currently waiting to hear back from AllState about another donation of $1,000.

Check Out Our Blog: Elbach

Editor’s note: Mark is one of our hardworking younger members: son of Elias, and grandson of Tony Costa.

Bobby Nicholas's CHAA Archive Initiative and Appeal

My Fellow Alumni,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health. For those that might not know me, my name is Bobby Nicholas, and last April I was appointed as the CHAA historian. The position entails many exciting jobs, one of which is to Archive Camp Hale memorabilia.

The purpose of this mailing is two-fold.

One to invite you to an event on Saturday February 3rd 2007,at Clery's in the South End (more to come). USES President Ashley McCumber has graciously donated space, as well as showcases, so we can create a Camp Hale rotating memorabilia museum.

This brings me to the second purpose of the event, we are asking you bring any Camp memorabilia you might have, so that we may archive it and if you wish, put it on display for a short time period, until which time the item will be returned to you.

We are not asking for you to part with your items, but to give us a chance to record our rich history by way of archiving these items. We are looking into having a special booth set up, which will allow us to document, and record your memorabilia.

As time draws nearer to this event, we will provide more details, with regards to time, and so on. As your historian, I am available to you and would love to hear from all of you. Please contact me with any questions regarding the above event or anything else that might be related to our rich history. I welcome any help, ideas, and thoughts. I hope to see a huge turnout and if you cannot make it, but would like to provide an item for display, we can arrange to possibly pick it up.

Thank you for your time, and please note my contact info.


Board Meetings - Held on the first Monday of each month at the Harriet Tubman House in the South End.  We encourage all who are members of the alumni, or friends of Camp Hale, to attend these meetings.  Be a part of the organization that helps keep the experience alive.  Contact any member of the CHAA Board of Directors to reserve your spot at the next meeting.