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Board of Directors

Frank Anthony   fanthony4995@gmail.com  
Chris Attles   chrisattles@demersbros.com  
Thomas Carroll
Phil Dushku   drpanini@yahoo.com  
Mark Elbach    
Charles George
Barry Hayes      
Brent Hayes   brenthys@aol.com  
Tom Hayes   hayes1513@aol.com  
Rick King   jrinking@verizon.net  
Ira Kligerman   kliger23@verizon.net  
Joe Shamatta   DrJoeShamatta@aol.com   
Tofee Shamata    
  Alternate Directors  
Stanley Cruz    
Mike Dann  
Scott Roberts   webmaster@camphalealumni.org  
Fred Lopes

David Pieri
T. Woolfork      
Jerrell Cox**    jcox@uses.org  
Karen Libertore**klibertore@uses.org
    ** Camp Director - nonvoting, permanent member  
Board of Directors - Officers
President Brent Hayes
Vice-President Tom Hayes
Treasurer Chris Attles
Clerk Joe Shamatta
Secretary Mark Elbach
Board of Directors - Executive Committee
Chris Attles Joe Shamatta
Brent Hayes Tom Hayes
Mark Elbach  
Board of Directors - Committee Assignments
Alumni Weekend Tom Hayes, Mark Elbach
Finance Chris Attles, Joe Shamatta
Fundraising / Development Mark Elbach, Frank Anthony
Camp Hale Facilities Tofee Shamatta, Dave Pieri
CHAA Event Personnel
Golf Tournament Mario Perella
Old Home Day Open
Work Weekend Tofee Shamatta
Spring Fling Tom Hayes, Frank Anthony
CHAA Support Personnel
IT Development Scott Roberts
Memberships / Annual Appeal Ira Kligerman
Newsletter / Data Processing Joe Shamatta
CHAA Advisory Board
Open Old Home Day / General Affairs
Bobby Nicholas Historian

Phil Dushku

Kern Tyler, Tofee Shamatta, and Pete

Chris Attles

Tom Roberts
  CHAA Newsletter    
  Alumni Weekend    
  Jude McCarthy, Scott Roberts, and Jim DeMaggio    
  Butch Kurkjian, Bill McQueen, and Chicky George.
  Butch Kurkjian, Bill McQueen, and Chicky George.    
  Front Row: Chris Cato, Tofee Shamatta, and Peter Thompson
Back Row: Mario Perella and Frank "Oscar" Anthony
  Ira Kligerman and Joe Collins    
  Hakim Reid and D'mon Bills    



CHAA Board of Directors meetings are held on the first Monday of each month from 6pm - 8pm at the Harriet Tubman House in South Boston. We encourage all interested parties of Camp Hale to attend. Please feel free to contact a CHAA member for more information.

CHAA Harriet Tubman House 566 Columbus Avenue Boston Massachusetts 02118   617-375-8112 (VM)

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