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Filling the bunks, keeping the house.

  As a volunteer 501(c)3 charitable organization, all of our profits go to Camp Hale in one form or another; whether it is sponsoring a child's tuition, or buying supplies for Camp maintenance.


This year our main fundraiser "Gaming Night" was on October 21st at Cathedral High Gym in the South End.  

Hit this button for info:

  At Alumni Weekend our biggest fundraiser is the Auction held at Camp.

  Check the schedule, and mark your calendars for these fun and worthwhile events.

  We encourage you to find it in your heart to donate to CHAA and help us help kids.




After years of contributions and growth the Endowment Fund has reached the original target of $250,000. Now the CHAA Board has the ability to draw on the fund to add to CHAA's customary support of Camp Hale.

  The Endowment Fund is a real demonstration of CHAA's life long and ongoing commitment to Camp Hale and the boys & girls who attend. 

For the past 5 years CHAA has donated over $50,000 to Camp Hale for the renovation of the entire camp.

Our total donation over 5 years has topped $150,000.

Donations through CHAA have provided the original seed money the entire girls camping program.

We hope you will join us and support Camp Hale!

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