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Chris Attles ~President


Aaron Dushku ~ Vice President

Kern Tyler ~ Treasurer


Joe Shamatta ~Clerk



Amy Shamatta ~Secretary



Frank Oscar Anthony



Fred Lopes


D'Mon Bills

Joseph Preston

Damien Fenderson

Charles George


Jerrell Cox, Camp Director


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Steve Jacobs

Neil Kadey

George Shaheen

Chris Cato

Samantha Demers


Kern Tyler

Role: Treasurer , Chair of the Finance Committee

His family connection to camp started in the 1950’s with boy’s from both his parent’s families attending Camp Hale. The legacy continued for a second generation when he began attending camp in the late 1980’s.

The life skills learned, appreciation for beautiful places, & confidence that he could thrive in any location lead him to live and explore on three continents. When life brought him back to the US he rejoined the CHAA BOD to help give back to a place that has always been special to him.

In 2016 his oldest son attended Camp Hale marking his family’s 3rd generation of young boys who had the pleasure of sharing the hallowed grounds of Camp Hale. 

Amy Shamatta

Role: Secretary


My role on the BOD is to attend all meetings and record minutes and maintain those records. I assist the Board in any capacity that I am able. I maintain the pre-registrations for Alumni Weekend and assist in updating the master alumni list.


In 1955, two young Lebanese boys left the South End, and a summer of working in a hot Laundromat, for beautiful Squam Lake to swim, canoe in Big Red, and hike mountains.  My father and uncle were campers, later both of my brother were campers.  Although I never attended camp as it was all boys, I did love visiting on family days in the summer.  It meant seeing my brothers, my mom cooked their favorites so we could eat together, and ultimately I’d get a trip to Franken Sundae in Meredith.  Over sixty years later, my daughters attended camp and, I even though I supported CHAA, I decided it was time to work with CHAA. And I finally got to ride in Big Red.


Camp is important to me because it has been a part of our family’s lives for over 50 years. It is important to support and maintain the camp for years to come so other families can continue their legacies.

 Joe Shamatta

Role: Clerk 

Camp Hale is an ideal location that affords kids from the city an opportunity to get out for the summer and experience a different lifestyle. It’s a place to experience nature in all it’s glory, make lifelong friends, and learn skills otherwise not offered in the city.

First Year at Camp Hale: 1977 


Frank "Oscar" Anthony

Role: Communications & Fundraising Committees. 


  I grew up at Camp as a Kitchen Aide at 15 years old, JC at 16, and Senior Counselor at 17 & 18. I learned form and was mentored by Joe Collins, Dick Kerri and many other men. I have friends from age 8 and we return to Camp every year for Work Weekend to give back so other kids can have a similar experience. We get together for Alumni Weekend and as many other times each year as we can. They are the brothers I never had. 


  My family history with Camp began with my Dad and Uncle who were born & raised in the South End and attended Camp as kids. My Uncle, an artist, drew the first Camp letterhead logo of a diver into Squam — my Dad was the diver. My nephew, Bobby Nicholas, attended Camp. In 2019 my family will celebrate a 100 year connection to Camp. 

Fred Lopes

Role: Full Board Member, Work Weekend Committee

Fred began as a camper in the 70's in the Chips cabin

Since rejoining the Alumni Association in 2001 he hasn't missed a Work Weekend or Alumni Weekend.


Joe Preston

Role: Full Board Member


It is with great honor, that I say this is my first year as a board member. I was a camper and kitchen aid, in the late 80’s/early 90’s. However, my family has been part of Camp Hale since the 1950’s. So, it was essentially a right-of-passage, and helped mold the human being that I am today.


To say Camp Hale is a special place, would be a significant understatement. This magical place, allows each one of us to hold it in our own special regard. However, the best part is the amazing brother and sisterhood we become a part of; regardless of the era we attended Hale. Sharing in this joy and comradery is a never ending gift, and I’m happy to have the chance to give back.

Damien Fenderson

As a first year member on the board, my role is to learn and provide my opinion on the topics that are brought up. As my experience grows, I plan to incorporate myself into more and more of the activities that my fellow board members are a part.


Camp Hale has helped me grow from a scared kid from the South End of Boston that was sent out to the middle of the woods in New Hampshire to the successful man that I have become. Camp has been my home away almost every summer for almost 30 years. It has allowed me to make, grow, and reconnect with other members that have attended the events.


I started my Camp Hale career as a camper in 1990, became an L.I.T. (Leader in Training), C.I.T. (Counselor in Training), Counselor, Camp Hale Alumni Association member, and finally a Board member. I have climbed numerous mountains, swam in gorgeous Squam Lake and earned many awards doing the various activities offered at camp.

Jerrell Cox

Role: Camp Hale Director, Camp Hale Alumni Board Member​


Camp Hale is my favorite place. Camp Hale helped me develop my voice as a young person and my passion for nature. Hale has made me a resilient leader who thrives in a diverse and challenging environment. Camp is safe, camp is all things right, and Camp Hale is HOME!


Jerrell Cox began attending camp in 1994, where he returned summer after summer for the next thirteen years. As his camp leadership skills developed, Jerrell gained the respect of camp staff and was offered increasing degrees of responsibility including Head Counselor, Expedition Coordinator, and Leadership in Training Coordinator. 

In October 2003, Jerrell joined the United South End Settlements (USES) After School Program as a group leader during the school year. After a year, he was promoted to Lead Group Leader, and shortly after became the After School Site Coordinator. During his five years as ASP Site Coordinator, Jerrell completed a school-age youth credentialing program, aligned the program’s curriculum with Boston Public School Learning Standards, and implemented a research-based child assessment tool. In 2009, he was promoted to the Director of Out of School Time Programs and Camp Hale; within this role, Jerrell launched several new program initiatives, including father-son weekend, family camp, rookie camp, trip and travel, and Girls Camp! In 2015, Jerrell was promoted to Director of Camp Hale. Since that time, Jerrell and the USES team have updated the programs and equaled the dosage between girls and boys, raised the revenue, and are in the second stages of a Capital Campaign that will ensure Camp Hale for generations.

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