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There were many sources used to put these lists together. Some of the camp original cabin lists were good enough to just scan and use as is. Some were on faded mimeographed sheets of yellowed paper about to disintegrate, and had to be retyped (so typos are possible). Some sources were hand written Pmac Elah teams, so no cabin names were included, just camper names with an E or P after them, and those had to be retyped.  And some were from old "cabin data sheets" that counselors completed on the first day of camp (age, trips taken, etc.) and they had to be retyped. So the lists are not without holes and typos. If you are pretty sure about omissions or errors, please let us know so we can update the sheets. Thank you.

1950s - from Bill Haley to Elvis to Chuck Berry to Little Richard, this was your era.



1960s - from the Beach Boys to The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, this was your era.

I am asking people to try to identify this list. Someone may say, it had to be before xxxx because I was there that year and every year following and I’m not on the list, etc.

I received this booklet of Camp songs from Joe Shamatta. Some you may know and some you may not!!

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