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Digital Museum Photos - Page 5

2010 - 2019


The giant pine tree stands tall above all the rest. Located at the adirondack shelter, it was considered the boundary of Camp. Alas, mother nature has reclaimed her. NFK


Here's an auctioneer that means business - Joe Shamatta - NFK

Joe Collins Memorial Service at Camp - NFK

Dinnig Hall 2012.JPG

The Dining Hall was the heart of Camp for many years - she will sorely be missed. NFK

DSC_9288 (2).JPG
DSC_9286 (2).JPG

A beautiful day on Mother Squam in Big Red - NFK


L to R: George Shaheen, Nick Haddad, the Costa Boys,

Sean Hayes - NFK

Puzzle 2.jpg

L to R: Oscar Anthony, Mario Perella, Sr., Nick Pelligrino, Chicky George - NFK

2020 - 2029


This is an interesting picture as it depicts a wonderful collage of photos from the '60s to recent times - enjoy! NFK

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