Digital Museum Photos

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L to R: Steve Jacobs, Richie Hacunda, Alan Abboud, Jack Costa, Billy McQueen, Phil Dishku, Nick Pellegrino, Chicky George, Tom Simon


Top Row, L to R: Joey Zannino, Billy McQueen, Michael David, Tom Simon, John Perella

Bottom Row, L to R: Phil Dushku, Albert David, Peter Palmer, Billy McIntyre, unknown, Nick Pellegrino


Top Row, L to R: Mike Russo, Michael Perella, Bob Fairneny, Oscar Anthony, George Kalil

Bottom Row, L to R: Robbie Burns, Mario Perella, Billy Gavin, Mark Bukuras, Steve Jacobs, Ken Fairneny

Back Left Top: Strutting his stuff: Butch Kurkjian

Back Row, L to R: unknown, unknown, unknown, Chuck Anastos, Rocco DeDominici, Chicky George, Chatta Anthony, Louie Zagami, Fred Waht, John Moran, Mike Russo, Tom Simon, Dennis Thompson

Front Row, L to R: John Perella, Alan Abboud, Jack Costa, Peter Palmer, Phil Dushku, Butch Kurkjian, Don Bridges, Sonny Walsh

The above photos were submitted by Aaron Dushku

Cub Scout Pack #33.jpg

Need help identifying the above people


Back, L to R: unknown, Bob Fairneny, Joe Catinella, Jackie Daly, unknown, Chris Attles

Front, L to R: unknown, Tim Collins

Camp Hale 1969.jpg

Top, L to R: Jackie Daly, unknown

Middle, L to R: unknown, Chris Attles,

unknown, Joe Catinella, Bob Fairneny

Bottom: Tim Collins

Camp Hale2.jpg

Top, L to R: unknown, Bob Fairneny,

Joe Catinella, Chicky George

Bottom, L to R: Tim Collins, unknown,

unknown, Chris Attles


I recognize Michael Perella in front

and Chris Attles far left.

Anyone else have any information?

The above photos were submitted by Chris Attles