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Digital Museum Photos - Page 3

1980 - 1989


L to R: Steve Jacobs, Richie Hacunda, Alan Abboud, Jack Costa, Billy McQueen, Phil Dishku, Nick Pellegrino, Chicky George, Tom Simon

The above photo submitted by Aaron Dushku


L to R: Bob Fairneny, Ken Fairneny,

Mike Perella, Ed Sears


L to R: Butch Kurkjian, Tom Simon, Fred Phillips, Nick Haddad, Joe Perella, Mike Burke, Don Bridges, John Perella, Phil Dushku


L to R: Phil Dushku, Alan Abboud, Nick Haddad, Jack Costa, Chicky George, Billy McQueen


L to R: Dave Brockman, George Vounatsos, unknown, unknown

L to R: The senior alumni I recognize are Larry Kalil, Carl Costa, Lou Zagami, Sonny Walsh, Chatta Anthony, Nutsy Ferrera, Tony Palmer and a couple of Costa brothers


George Vounatsos


L to R: Sam Ashey, Steve Jacobs, John Shaheen, Ed Sadowski

L to R: Butch Kurkjian, Fred Phillips, Mike Burke, Alan Abboud, Don Bridges - submitted by NFK

The above photos were submitted by Joe Shamatta

SCN_0001 (2).jpg

L to R: Dave Brockman, unknown, unknown, Herb Kligerman, unknown, Chuck Kimball - NFK


L to R: Eddie Haddad, Mario Perella, Sr. - NFK


L to R: John Perella, Neil Kady, Peter Palmer, Billy McIntyre


L to R: Oscar Anthony, Alex Barghout - NFK

Aug 1983.jpg

L to R: Alva Mitchum, Jere Burrows, Chicky George - OHD, 1983 - NFK


L to R: Alex Barghout, Billy McQueen - NFK


L to R: Alan Abboud,

Dick Pieri - NFK

L to R top: unknown, John Moran

L to R seated: Larry Kalil, unknown, Tony Palmer, unknown - NFK

Beautiful Day on Squam Lake - NFK

L to R: Eddie Sadowski, George Vounatsos - NFK

George Vounatsos - NFK

Alex Barghout - NFK

Gary Pappas. Dick Pieri - NFK

Senior Alumni at Toothbrush Point - NFK

L to R: Billy McQueen, Phil Dushku - NFK

Chatta Anthony and Jimmy Perella enjoying a quiet day on the lake - NFK

Louie Zagami - NFK

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