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Camp Hale Alumni Association

Empowering the Next Generation

The Camp Hale Alumni Association, Inc. (CHAA) works to support Camp Hale for all future generations to enjoy. 

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The Organization’s Mission

MISSION STATEMENT: To preserve and protect Camp Hale as a place where young people may obtain a refreshing, enlightening and meaningful camping experience.

As a leading Children's Welfare Organization in the Boston area, we believe that today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. As an ongoing mission to empower our community’s youth, Camp Hale Alumni Association helps provide a nurturing environment for children to reach and fulfill their potential. We believe that all boys and girls should have a safe space where they can act like kids and grow up at the same time. Join us today to see how you can get involved.

About Us

Excerpt from the By Laws: The Camp Hale Alumni Association is a not for profit corporation, organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, to acquire by gift, devise or otherwise money and property of every kind,nature and description and to administer and use the same and any income or proceeds thereof solely for such charitable purposes, and more particularly to preserve,protect, and to enhance Camp Hale (hereinafter also referred to as “Camp”), established in the year 1900 and located inthe Township of Center Sandwich, in the State of New Hampshire,and currently owned and operated by the United South End Settlements, as a place where young people may obtain a nurturing, safe, joyful, and educational experience.  To visit click here.



Building a Better Future

  Since 1925, we have been a volunteer organization.

  We help provide opportunities for kids to escape the city during the summer and experience the amazing programming Camp Hale offers.

  We also help provide a safe, clean living environment during those summers.

  As a volunteer you can help too.


Fund Raising

Filling the bunks, keeping the house.

  The Camp Hale Alumni Association (CHAA) raises funds for scholarships to send kids to Camp that otherwise might not be able to afford it.

  We host a variety of events that raise funds not only to sponsor kids, but also to help maintain Camp. 

Here's how you can help by making a tax deductible donation!


Preserving old and making new.

As this world changes, CHAA strives to strives to preserve the century old traditions at Camp Hale.  

We hope to maintain the lifelong friendships that start there, and remember the old songs, customs, and joys that we grew up with.

We also embrace the new traditions created at Camp;  new songs, new people, new activities that better relate to this new generation.

So, we also host Alumni Weekend in September.  A chance to reconnect with the old cabin mates, counselors, and friends...and meet the new ones.

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Meet Our Board of Directors!

Here are bios and contact info.


How you can help....

Donate or join us...


Legal info.

Find all the legal stuff here...


Contact Us

You can attend a Board Meeting via Zoom, and soon in person, at USES, on the map below.  Meetings are the first Monday of the month at 6:00 pm.  Contact a Board Member for the Zoom link.


You can write to our physical address at:  CHAA   PO Box 180999 Boston MA 02118


You can send us an email to:

or Call:

(508) 369-6321


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