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April 7, 2020 UPDATE

Hello everyone! As you can assume, in this uncertain time, CHAA is unable to give you concrete dates for our events this year. Most of it depends on the Camp schedule which is presently up in the air. The current pandemic may lead to rearrangement of the camp sessions. We will know much more near the end of May as to whether or not there will even be a camping season. At our meeting last night, we were advised that Camp might not open at all. Yes, it's that serious.   We pray that's not the case, but you never know.   Our best course of action is to stay safe and beat this virus soon so we can get back to normal. A few items about Camp were discussed. Construction is progressing, and lots has been done. The old Dining Hall is gone and the space is being prepared for the new Pavilion. The Lakeside Cabin is gone and that space is being prepared for a new one. The halfway hill cabin, or directors cabin has been renovated as well. In the camper cabins, all the bathrooms have been gutted and renovated with new walls and fixtures. Sadly, last week, there was a break-in at Tut's.  Some things were moved around inside, but it is hard to tell if anything inside was missing. However, the Tut's sign was taken off the outside of the building. If anyone has any info about the whereabouts of that sign, you can contact me, and I will try to get it back where it belongs, no questions asked.

We spoke about Work weekend.  The best weekend so far is May 15-17. There is a lot of painting to do! We are also going to be concentrating on the outlying cabins (sheet shack, kids kitchen, hike shack, old bugs) and the Adirondack. There is some work that is needed at the Council Ring as well as on some of the trails. There was discussion at the last meeting with Mr. Jerrell about the new dock system, and what we might be doing with the old ones, but again, that is up in the air for now. We have some interest from a surprise guest Chef to bring his unique talent up for the weekend, but more on that as we get closer. We are still planning our Pizza Party and Meet the Staff day at 48 Rutland for June 13th from 1-4.  If you can spare some time on that day, we would appreciate some help.  Basically, it's a day that campers and parents can meet the staff, get in their last bits of registration, and meet the Alumni Association. (and maybe join up) Old Home Day is tentatively scheduled for August 5th at Quimby Field in Sandwich.  Food will be provided by CHAA and the Foxes. Alumni Weekend is tentatively scheduled for August 27-30.  Again, if the Camp schedule is re-arranged the date might change. We are still looking for a Chef, so if you have any leads please respond to me, and I will forward the info.   And finally, our Gaming Night Fundraiser has been rescheduled for November 7th, at Cathedral High.  All prior ticket sales will be honored. We are also still looking for sponsors for this event.  Again, if you have any leads, please respond to me or Amy. We will be printing up some new tickets, so look for info on those in the coming months. Please check back to our website,, regularly for any more info and updates. Brothers and Sisters, PLEASE stay safe!   Camp Hale!! 


Joseph Shamatta, D.C. CHAA Clerk,  Chairman Events, Work Weekend, and Communications Committees 978-317-6633

Camp Hale Alumni Association

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